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I cannot connect to SingNet Broadband. What should I do ?

>Check Username and Password
A common problem is wrong username or password. Ensure that you have typed the correct format as follows:


in the userid field. Click here to manage your password. If you are still unable to get connected, it may cause by one of the below factors. Please proceed to the below guide for further troubleshooting.

>Run ADSL Test Program
If your modem comes with an ADSL Test (Diagnose) Program, run it to check what the problem is. The program may determine the actual cause of the problem.
Once you have the results, select your modem from the list below to find out the possible causes and solution.

If you pass all the tests and still cannot login to our service, please re-type your UserID and password and try again. If you still have the same problem , please call our SingNet Technical Support.

>Check Microfilter Setup
When you subscribe to SingNet Broadband service, your home telephone line will be converted to an ADSL line. A micro-filter is used in conjunction with your phone line to improve your SingNet Broadband connection quality. It filters away high frequencies, so that the ADSL signal will not be affected when the phone is being used. As a result, your phone line can be used to surf the Internet at high speeds and at the same time, you can make or receive phone calls, all without interference.

The microfilter is connected between the telephone wall socket and analog device (for example, telephone set, analog dial-up modem etc). If you do not have a microfilter, there may be some disturbance on the ADSL line. Please refer to below diagram.

>Check ADSL Modem LED status
Ensure that the "LINK" LED from the ADSL Modem show working status, usually it is GREEN. If you cannot get a READY LED state , please refer to the following configuration.

>ADSL Modem Configuration
Following is a list of tested and approved ADSL Modems. Please check with the modem vendor for the configuration support.
  • Alcatel Speed Touch USB
  • Alcatel SpeedTouch Home / Pro
  • Alcatel Speed Touch 330 (Win/Mac)
  • Alcatel Speed Touch 511e
  • Aztech DSL100U
  • Aztech DSL206U
  • Aztech DSL305E(B)
  • Aztech DSL500U
  • Aztech DSL700P
  • Aztech DSL900E
  • Creative DE7420 USB
  • Efficient 4060 USB
  • Efficient 5100
  • Efficient 5260
  • Eicon DIVA 2430 SE
  • Prolink Hurricane 7000
  • Prolink Hurricane 8000
  • Prolink Hurricane 8000 (new Casing)
  • Prolink Hurricane 9000B
  • Siemens SpeedStream 4100
  • Tecom AR1021

>Cannot connect to 56k dialup connection using my SingNet Broadband Account
Please proceed to Dialup Plan - I am not able to connect to SingNet troubleshooting.
The access number for Broadband Dial-up is 17135 and the UserID does not contain a suffix of "@singnet" , "@singnet1500" or "@singnet3500".


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