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Outgoing Anti-Spam Enhancement
  1. I get this message when I sent out email. "Your email has been identified by SingNet as a potential spam. Your email was not sent."

    Why are my outgoing emails classified as potential spam?

    All outgoing emails from SingNet users are subject to Anti-spam scanning at our email gateway. Your outgoing email will be rejected immediately with this pop up message if it is detected as potential spam at our email gateway. The objective of this measure is to ensure that our users' email accounts will not be blacklisted by other mail servers as spam mails due to the few who misuse the SingNet email service.

  2. What can I do to prevent my emails from being classified as potential spam?
    Please refrain from sending emails, which contains product advertisement and phishing content or unsolicited in nature.

  3. Why are our emails being scanned for spam?
    SingNet is making an effort to reduce spam. We filter outgoing spam to ensure that our users are not blacklisted by other ISPs and email service providers. Mail servers that have been blacklisted will cause all outgoing emails to bounce and this will impact all users. Most ISPs and email service providers do have policies in place that prevent users from sending spam (though not all of these policies may be properly enforced).

  4. Is this something new to the SingNet email gateway?
    No, this is an enhancement to the previous outgoing spam solution. Previously we blocked potential outgoing spam by blocking all IP addresses from other local ISPs and ST Mobile to limit spam, which might have resulted in difficulties in using your SingNet emails. We have since implemented a more robust method of checking for spam, without these limitations.

  5. My emails are being scanned. Is my privacy compromised?
    No, SingNet respects your privacy. Emails are scanned by our servers through a set of heuristics and not by human intervention.

  6. How can I enjoy the new Anti-Spam enhancement?
    No action is required as long as your Email Client's Outgoing mail (SMTP) server is configured as

  7. Can this outgoing anti-spam enhancement filter out all the spam emails sent by SingNet users?
    As there is no absolute definition of what is considered spam, SingNet's outgoing anti-spam enhancement may not be able to filter off 100% of all spam mails, but it should be able to filter out the most common forms of it.

  8. With the implementation of this enhancement, why are there still recipients' who receive spam mails from my email address?
    The recipients might be receiving spoof mails which are not sent out from SingNet email gateway.

  9. Should I terminate my current subscription of Anti-spam service with the implementation of this enhancement?
    Please do not terminate your current subscription of Anti-spam service. It's purpose is to protect against incoming spam whereas this enhancement purely protects SingNet users from sending out spam.

  10. Can I terminate or unsubscribe from this outgoing anti-spam enhancement?
    As this enhancement is meant to protect all users, it cannot be terminated.

  11. What do I do if I experience difficulties in sending out emails?

    Please call our Helpdesks for assistance:
  • Residential customers:
    - Broadband Technical Support: 1800 848 6933
    - Dial Up Technical Support: 1800 733 4133
    - Jetpack Technical Support: 1900 9152829 (Charge: 30c/min)
  • Business customers
    - Technical support: 1606, then select option 2
                                 +65 6796 1606 - call from overseas


Other Email FAQs

  1. Can I retrieve (download/POP) my SingNet email from another network?

  2. Yes. You should be able to retrieve your SingNet email from our POP server from any other network (subject to the policies of that network's owner), anywhere in the world. This has always been the case and will remain our policy.

  3. Can I send email from my SingNet account via SingNet's SMTP server when I am connected to another network?

  4. We allow SingNet email customers to relay emails via SingNet email servers from any networks or IP addresses.

    You will first need to configure/log in to your email accounts (e.g. on smartphones) and download (POP) your emails. You will be authenticated by our POP service before you are allowed to send your mails through our SMTP server.

  5. I am sure that my friend's address is valid, but it keeps getting returned. Any tips for sending mail via SingNet/from SingNet?

  6. Here are some things you can try:
    • Confirm the spelling of the email address with your recipient. It may sound silly, but when written quickly, the number one (1) may look like the lowercase letter L, and the number zero (0) may look like the letter O. A mis-typed or misspelled address is sometimes the problem.
    • Check that the user name does not have any spaces in it. If a SingNet user tells you that his SingNet screen name is "User Name," then the correct way to write that address would be There are no spaces in SingNet email addresses.
    • Internet email addresses are NOT case sensitive so and are the same.
    • Try to send the message again. Sometimes there are temporary problems between mail servers that affect mail delivery. You may also contact your Internet provider's Postmaster to see if they are aware of any mail delivery problems with their servers communicating with SingNet. To contact the postmaster at your domain, send mail to, substituting your ISP's domain name for ""

  7. Email I sent to a SingNet user was returned to me from SingNet's mailer-daemon, what does this mean?

  8. When email sent to SingNet users is "returned to sender" by SingNet's mail delivery subsystem there is information regarding the reason for the return listed in the error report. The section of the error report labelled "Transcript of session follows" contains the reason why the email could not be delivered to the SingNet address. It will describe the reason your email could not be delivered.

  9. What is the correct syntax for SingNet user names?

  10. The "user name" is the part of the address that appears before the @ symbol: Valid SingNet user names cannot:
    • begin with numerals
    • contain periods, underscores, dashes or other punctuation characters

  11. I need to find or confirm the email address and/or snail mail address of an old friend, can you look that up for me?

  12. No. SingNet will not release confidential subscriber information unless it is through proper legal channels. With reference to the SingNet Acceptable Use Policy (AUP ) SingNet respects Customer privacy rights and will not intentionally disclose Customer's online communications or activities except to comply with court orders, subpoenas, statutes, regulations, or official governmental requests in order to protect SingNet or its customers from harm, or where necessary for the operation of the system.

  13. Email that I sent to a SingNet user did not reach its destination but I did not get an error report back from the mailer-daemon, what should I do?

  14. A number of things can cause this problem. In order for us to diagnose the problem, please send an email to with the subject: "Delivery Test" with a description of the problem.

    Do ensure that you are using the same mailer, delivery path and general configuration that you were using when you encountered this problem.

  15. I had previously activated the e-mail forwarding feature and had all my mails directed to another e-mail address. Can I continue to have my mails forwarded even after I terminate my account?

  16. The e-mail forwarding will cease upon termination of your account. However, you may subscribed to our E-mail Forwarding Service, affordably priced at $10 (one-time fee) and have your e-mails forwarded for the next 30 days. The request has to be made when you terminate your account.

  17. Can I request for the E-Mail Forwarding Service after I had terminated my account?

  18. No.

  19. Can the e-mail forwarding period be more than 30 days?

  20. No.

  21. The inbox on my iPhone downloads a message but there is no content. It reads "This message has not been downloaded from the server.“ How do I get my mails to download?  I am using a POP3 on my iPhone.

  22. This is an issue with iPhone’s mail client.  If you encounter such problems, please use another mail client, eg outlook/outlook express or log into MyComm at to view/download such mails.

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