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I cannot receive and send my Email

Two common problems - wrong email password and email client settings.

Email Password: Please verify that you have entered your email password and try again

Email Client Settings: Click on the email client you are using from the list below to check or configure your email client.

    We would also like to bring to your attention that sometimes email viruses may also cause the problem mentioned above. If you suspect that this is the case, please contact your PC vendor to clear the virus as we are unable to provide any support in this field .

Click here to read the email FAQ.

SingNet Mail Server
Check that you have correctly configured your email server to the following.

    Local Connection Settings   (When you are in Singapore)
    Incoming Mail (POP3) Server:

          (apply to all users including mbox users)

    Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server:

    Global Roaming Connection  (When you are Overseas)
    Incoming Mail (POP3) Server:

    Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server:

Check Email Password
It is imperative that you have the correct email UserID and email password combination in order to receive emails from the SingNet server. It is quite common for users to forget their passwords when they never use their accounts for sometime. Most, if not all internet accounts or UserIDs are in lowercase alphanumeric letters, however, passwords are not, and can be a combination of uppercase and/or lowercase letters and number. Other cases include the situation where the user's hard disk crashed and user reformatted the hard disk; thus all the existing mails including settings are lost. After the mail client is re-installed, the user is likely to forget the settings or email password.

We encourage you to periodically change or check your passwords for security and remembrance sake so that you will not face problems when you need it most.

Click here to change or verify you email password and other utilities for your account.

Configure Mail Settings
In this section, we will show you the steps on how to configure the mail client settings. Please select the mail client that you are using and click on its icon or link for the settings

  1. Windows 95b / 98SE / ME / 2000 pro / XP

  2. * - does not support Windows 95b

  3. Macintosh

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