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Microsoft Outlook 2000


Client Setting (Outlook Express )
You must have Outlook 2000 installed and have a working existing Internet Dial-Up Connection before you perform this configuration

  1. Open or Launch Outlook 2000 program

  2. From the menu bar, click on Tools > Accounts...

  3. The Internet Accounts dialog window opens
  4. Click on the Mail tab and then select the account that you want ot configure and click on the Properties button.
  5. (You would probably notice that this setting is exactly the same as Outlook Express )

  6. The [Account Name] Properties dialog window opens
  7. Click on the General tab. Configure the settings as follows:

    • Mail Account
      • SingNet or any other name of your choice

    • User Information
      • Name:                [Enter your Real Name here]
      • Organisation:       [This is an optional item]
      • E-mail address:   [Enter your SingNet email address here]
      • Reply address:    [Enter your SingNet email address here]

  8. Click on Servers tab
  9. Configure the settings as follows:

    • Server Information
      • Outgoing Mail (SMTP):
      • Incoming Mail (POP3):

      • My incoming mail server is a POP3 server
    • Incoming Mail Server - Please select the Logon using: item
      • Account name:   [Enter your SingNet UserID here]
      • Password:          [Enter your SingNet Email Password here]

  10. Click on OK button to update and save the settings

  11. Your SingNet Mail Server configuration in Outlook 2000 is completed

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